Named for a song from legendary British rock star David Bowie, the trailblazing artist’s influence runs deep through pop culture, music, art and fashion. Reinventing himself constantly and always pushing boundaries, his touch can be seen all around the world and just like him Life On Mars wants to be constantly exploring, changing and evolving. Their drinks menu will be seasonal and focused on using fresh fruit, herbs and spices using modern methods while staying true to the classics, all the while providing the best in western hospitality.

Area: 100 sq.m.

Location: Shenzhen, China

Status: Completed om 2018

Inspiration Board for Life On Mars

1. The design concept is based on colors and materials associated with space travel through retrospective lenses: we use copper to represent the Red Planet and deep blue to represent the endlessness of the universe. 

2. To enhance the feeling of retrospective futurism, we used the mid century roundness of forms.

3. there are two central elements – the all copper bar itself, which has a steam punk feel to it, and of course, the glowing bottle storage – a room made of copper mesh shelves and  a pivoting door, which gives the place a feeling of exclusivity.

4. The bar is full of lockers – the customers can buy bottles but don’t have to finish them in one night. they have a safe locker with an old school lock and a name tag on it – a perfect way to insure the party is continued next weekend. 

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