JAMYO is a brand that combines training, culture and technology. It was created to innovate China’s dance scene. Right when the gym craze started to slow down, the new trend emerged in China – hip-hop in all forms, especially the breakdance and hip hop dance as the next cool way to keep fit. JAMYO EASY DANCE is a space where young people can easily learn the basics of hip hop dance, enjoy the group activity and be able to show off on the streets as well as at national competitions. The brand has already over 10 spaces in Shenzhen and planning to grow the franchise to 500 stores around China.

Area: 250 – 600 sq.m.

Location: Shenzhen and all around China

Status: Completed in 2017

Business Card Design
Snapback Design
Entrance and Facade Design

Based on the existing icon – JAM the dancer – and the active nature of the brand, we chose orange and black as brand colors. We connected it to street culture – graffitis are a central part of the studios. We also added some cool trendy elements, like neon lights and colorful glass – to attract the youngsters to take pictures in our spaces.

Each of JAMYO’s studios has a few dance rooms. The rooms are transparent and separated with orange glass – to show a visitor how other visitors, just like them, kill it in a group class.  

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