Minimalism and decorations seem to be incompatible, but when designing a home, it’s important to find the right balance between the two. The perfect example is served by the Japanese brand Muji, aesthetics of which we used while creating this beautiful apartment in Guangzhou, China.

Area: 100 sq.m.

Location: Guangzhou

Status: Completed

Living Room Material Board
Bedroom Material Board
Floor Plan
Living Room From the Entrance
Living Room
Dining Area
Ceiling Detail
TV Wall Detail
Hallway To Bedrooms
Master Bedroom
Bedside Table

White walls, light wood, hand woven rattan furniture and lamps, pebbles – we used typical Japanese elements combined with almost extreme minimalism. To keep it not too alien to the Chinese client, we used some locally sourced oak for the TV wall – the whole piece was supposed to become a traditional Chinese tea table.

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