Champion’s Road is the first gym in Shenzhen to specialize in professional white collar boxing. It provides private and group classes, boot camps and professional competitions as well as strength training facilities. Champions Road has deserved its name through its personal trainers: all of them are white collar boxing champions in China and abroad.

Area: 350 sq.m.

Location: Shenzhen

Status: Completed in 2017

Reception Area
From Reception To Training Area. The bathrooms are behind the hidden door on the left.
Door Handle Details
Product Display
Strength Training Area
The Ring
Wall Art by Holnans
Group Class Area
Group Class Area
Rest Area
Rest Area

The design is based on the contrast of the existing concrete columns and gold of the added partitions. The gold comes from the visual identity of the brand, which is targeted to attract high-end customers and give a luxury lifestyle feeling to the brand. The dark theme is to emphasize the underground fight club vibe.

Our challenge was to design the second location of the boxing gym in a way that would reflect the high level of professionalism, lifestyle element of the brand and attract long term high-end customers. A typical customer is a 23-45 Chinese business man or woman, who wants to shed a couple of pounds while trying something new and has enough time to dedicate to professional training.

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