In 2016 our first project in Shenzhen opened its doors to Chinese millennials. Today we are celebrating the success of this small business with the second -twice bigger – location.

Area: 300 sq.m.

Location: Shenzhen, China

Status: Completed in 2018

Custom Design Lamps
brew area
Ceiling Detail – Metal Curtain

Blend is not just a cafe. It is a family reunion place. And that makes sense, since the founder comes from New Zealand, where the majority of cafes and restaurants are run as small family businesses. As a result the team is treated like a family and as a result of that, all the customers are treated like family too.

After the first step of defining the most optimal layout for the given space and function, we go to the second one – research on materials. This chain mesh blew us away with its plasticity so we decided to adopt. Plus it matches the masculinity of the brand.