128 Home is a new hotel brand started in Shenzhen, China for young professionals coming here for work from all over China and all over the world. It is meant to become a second home without loosing the excitement of traveling into a new city.

Area: 6000 sq.m.

Location: Shenzhen, China

Status: under construction

Before the renovation, the 6000 sq.m. building served as a textile factory
Entrance Lobby
Elevator Lobby
Standard room
Standard room
Family Suite
Family Suite
Family Suite
The rooftop of the building is going to be rebuilt into a co-working space.
The common area of the co-working office.

128 – yao er ba- is the registration address of the hotel brand. We used alternative Chinese characters that sound the same to create a graphic, masculine symbol that in combination with a word that represents the nature of the project can be used in all the properties of the client.

128 is a beginning of a cooperation with a development company that renovates old factory buildings of Shenzhen into hotels, offices, residences etc. It is a new trend and a new step in China’s development, that has replaced the tendency of demolishing old and building brand new steel and glass structures instead.

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